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Summer Enrichment Camps
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About Summer Enrichment Camps
Youth Enrichment Camps feature STEM, Music, and Fine Arts.

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  • Drone Programming with CoDrones Lite (Ages 7 and up)

    COR Robotics’ Stay-at-Home camps provide an awesome opportunity to keep your child engaged, entertained, and challenged. The camps will utilize fun and exciting CoDrones kits which will enable students to have fun while learning to program. The CoDrone kit will include a CoDrone Lite which you will get to keep after the class. Drones use a block based programming language which is perfect for entry level programmers. Students will program their drones to fly around and complete missions using a curriculum specifically designed for students to work through on their own. When they've mastered their programming, students can pair their drones to a bluetooth device and fly them manually for some extra fun! This could be a great birthday or holiday gift. Fee includes a CoDrone Lite drone, programming instructions and instructional support.