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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Does my preschooler need to be potty-trained?

    We ask that you are actively working on potty training, but no, your child does not need to be fully potty trained. Please let your child's teacher know where you are with the process and the progress as achieved by your child.

  • How do I prepare for an Early Childhood Screening?

    You should bring the names and phone numbers of your child’s pediatrician, any other health care providers and immunization records. You can also bring notes about: 

    Things that your child does well. 

    Questions about your child’s health. 

    Questions about your child’s development, such as learning, walking or talking. 

    Questions about your child’s seeing or hearing.

  • What happens during an Early Childhood Screening?

    Early Childhood Screening checks your child’s health and development. Screening in school districts is usually done by a teacher and a nurse. Screening includes a review of height, weight, vision, hearing, speech, social and emotional progress and overall development. Screening is done based on the age of the child, so that a three-year-old is only asked for what is appropriate for their age.

  • What happens if the screener finds a concern during the Early Childhood Screening?

    There are a few options if the professional providing the screening finds an area of concern in your child’s development. The professional providing the screening and the parent may decide to refer your child for an evaluation by your local school district or medical clinic. The screener may also work with you to refer your child to other early childhood opportunities such as Head Start, School Readiness, Early Childhood Family Education, Early Learning Scholarships, Prekindergarten programs, Public Health home visiting program and other community resources.

  • What is Early Childhood Screening?

    Early Childhood Screening is a free program in Minnesota that checks how a child is developing and growing. Screening supports children’s readiness for kindergarten and promotes positive developmental outcomes. Screening may also lead to referrals for early learning opportunities.

  • What supplies will my Jump Start Preschooler need?

    All supplies are provided by the Jump Start program. Please send with your child a backpack that has a change of clothes (we get messy sometimes!) and remember to dress accordingly to the weather. 

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