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  • *NEW Inspired to Draw, But Where to Start?

    Participants will be guided in developing an approach to the organization of information from the subject into a cohesive visual statement. We will discuss composition relative to overall expression (the hierarchy of information), contrast/light, edge/cropping, pictorial space and scale/proportion. We will discuss some of the paintings and drawings in the Rourke Art Museum exhibition related to a group of artists who are inspired by landscape subject matter; examples of work are included in the exhibit. Weather permitting, the location will be at Dike West in Fargo, otherwise still-life objects in the museum will be drawn. Examples of the instructor's work are at Underbrush Gallery in Fargo, Groveland Gallery in Minneapolis, and online at www.carloltvedt.com. All students should bring a set of graphite pencils (H, HB, 3B and 6B recommended), a sketchbook, pencil sharpener, white plastic eraser, rolled paper blending stump, easel, and a small chamois. There will will be an hour break for lunch.