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  • *NEW Getting Unstuck: Crafting a Creative Life

    Keeping the channels of creativity open is a challenge, whether you’re an artist, a crafter or a creative person who wants to develop mental flexibility, innovation, mindfulness and new ways of seeing the world. This class will help students identify and work through creative blocks, develop habits that encourage creativity, and create an action plan to complete a creative project of their choice. The course will include in-class discussion, journaling exercises, hands-on projects and exercises as well as brief, optional assignments to work on between classes. Students are asked to bring a blank notebook or sketchbook to class.
  • *NEW Live Like A Traveler In Your Own Town

    Have an adventure in your hometown! Learn how to see a familiar place with new eyes, develop travel-planning techniques to help you explore new places further from home, and discover hidden gems in your own community. You’ll determine your travel style in order to help select experiences you’re most likely to enjoy (both at home and on vacation), create a plan to explore your own town between classes, and develop ways to engage all of your senses, so you can be in the moment and appreciate your surroundings, whether you’re at home or on vacation. 
  • *NEW Scarf Tying 101

    Have you ever wondered how to tie all the cute scarves you see everywhere to make them look cute and to make an outfit pop? Charmed Boutique presents Scarf Tying 101. Learn different ways to tie and wear your scarves. You can choose a scarf you would like, and we will demonstrate how to tie blanket scarves, oblong scarves and infinity scarves. We also will show you different styling options to pair your new scarf with. Fee includes scarf.
  • *NEW Urban Chickens

    Have you thought about raising urban chickens? There is more to taking on this wonderful opportunity than just picking out the cutest chicks in the crate. In this introduction to urban chicken farming, we will unscramble laws and ordinances concerning raising chickens in town. We will discuss selecting the right breed to raise, proper housing of chickens, and the daily care and maintenance of your urban chicken flock. You will be given opportunities to ask questions, seek advice, and even gather resources to get you started on the right drumstick. Fee includes a chicken coop plan designed by instructor Brian Fuder. Note: Your local community may have restrictions on raising chickens.
  • *New: Can Aromatherapy Make Your Furry Friend Happier?

    Want to know more about using aromatherapy for dogs and cats? This class will give you more information on aromatherapy, so that you can decide for yourself whether to use it as an additional alternative treatment for various problems. Unfortunately, many people still have a misconception about aromatherapy. Some equate aromatherapy with scented candles or grooming products with synthetic oils. You will learn what aromatherapy is and how to use it. If you share your life with an occasionally stressed out dog, you could benefit from another calming tool for your tool box. Whether your dog is triggered by traveling, fireworks, or separation anxiety, the therapeutic use of essential oils could help you and your dog.  Topics will include aromatherapy for small animals, what are essential oils, what are hydrosols, whether essential oils are safe for dogs and cats, how can I use essential oils on my dogs, how to use hydrosols on my cats? Precautions when using essential oils, and safe aromatherapy recipes. 
  • Making Pet Treats

    If you have dogs or cats, making your own pet treats has many benefits. By controlling what goes into the recipe, you can ensure your pet is getting a nutritious and wholesome treat, free of unhealthy additives. You can also tailor your treat recipes to your pet’s taste preferences and cater to any dietary restrictions. We also will explore what ingredients are safe and unsafe for your pets. Making your own homemade pet treats can be a fun reward for your pet. Your pet will thank you! 
  • Preplanning Your Funeral

    If you've ever had to plan a funeral for a loved one, you know there are many difficult decisions to make. Adam Nordin of Wright Funeral Home will speak to you about the planning and options such as burial, cremation, donation and alternatives to a traditional funeral. He also will cover service costs and Veteran and Social Security benefits for those who qualify. You will leave this class well informed on the latest funeral trends, the impact on the environment and future generations, and the importance of memorialization.
  • State of the District

    Superintendent Brandon Lunak and members of the district leadership team have a vision for Moorhead Area Public Schools and some concrete plans to move us forward. They'll share both the troubles and triumphs of leading one of the largest school districts in Minnesota. Learn about the district's progress on its instructional goals and building projects.