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  • *NEW Introduction to Voiceovers (Ages 18 and up)

    “Wow, you have a great voice!” Have you heard that more times than you can count? Or maybe you listen to your favorite audiobooks, commercials, or cartoon characters and think, “I could do that.” If so, then you could have what it takes to begin working as a professional voiceover artist. Explore the voiceover industry with your instructor, a professional, working voice actor from Voices For All, in a one-on-one, personalized, video chat setting. Discover the current trends in the industry and how they make it easy and affordable for just about anyone to get involved. In this one-time, 90-minute, introductory class, you’ll also learn about the different types of voiceovers and the tools you’ll need to find success. Your instructor will record you as you read a real script, then offer you some coaching so you can improve your delivery, taking notes on your performance so you can receive a professional voiceover evaluation later. Get a better sense of how the class works at http://www.voicesforall.com/ooo. You owe it to yourself to finally explore the possibilities of this fun and rewarding field!
  • *NEW Taking Landscape Photos with Your Drone

    Learn the techniques, tips, and tricks for taking stunning landscape photos with your drone. This class is for those who want to improve their drone photography skills. Join Jared Eischen, a licensed, local drone enthusiast, and learn to shoot and edit your drone photos like a pro. You will need to have your own drone and editing software, as those will not be provided.
  • *NEW The PATH to Fostering

    Have you ever wondered how you can help kids in need? If so, this class is for you. PATH and Kindred Family Focus are non-profit foster care agencies in Cass and Clay counties. Learn about different full- and part-time foster care programs and ways you can help kids and families in need.
  • *NEW: DNA Testing for Genealogy

    DNA testing can reveal insights into your ethnicity, find your relatives, identify inherited health risks, and prove or disprove relationships. Sometimes the results are a surprise. This class will compare the major DNA testing companies for genealogy (23andMe, AncestryDNA, Family Tree DNA, Living DNA and MyHeritage DNA) and show how you can use third-party tools, such as DNA Painter, to learn even more from your DNA test results.
  • *NEW: Research and Record Your Family Health History

    Your family’s medical history might reveal a history of disease in your family and even patterns relevant to your own health. In this class, you’ll learn why you need a family health history and where to find records that show causes of death and illnesses. Other topics will include DNA testing for health history research and tools to help you record and organize your health history information.
  • Historic River Walk (All ages)

    Join Mark Peihl, archivist at the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County, for this informative walk along the Red River. Check out the historic sites, including the steamboat landing and remnants from the riverfront saloons. Put on your walking shoes for this two-mile trek on the bike trails by the river. Class will meet outside the front door of the Hjemkomst Center.
  • Preplanning Your Funeral

    If you've ever had to plan a funeral for a loved one, you know there are many difficult decisions to make. Adam Nordin of Wright Funeral Home will speak to you about the planning and options such as burial, cremation, donation and alternatives to a traditional funeral. He also will cover service costs and Veteran and Social Security benefits for those who qualify. You will leave this class well informed on the latest funeral trends, the impact on the environment and future generations, and the importance of memorialization.