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  • Classroom Driver Education

    Moorhead Area Public Schools’ Driver Education classroom program is run through Community Education. This program is open to high school students age 15 or older living in the Moorhead School District ISD 152. Register through the Community Education office, 2777 34th St. S., 218-284-3400. Information sheets and registration forms also can be picked up at the Moorhead High activities office. Financial aid is not available through the district. ** If your child has an IEP, please inform Moorhead Community Education when enrolling. ** This 30-hour class prepares students for their instructional permit. Classes meet at either the Moorhead Career Academy or Moorhead High School. Steps for people under 18 years of age to get a Minnesota driver's license: 1. Complete mandatory 30 hours of scheduled classroom instruction. Students cannot be absent or tardy when attending this course. Community Education classes are offered throughout the year. Please refer to the Community Education catalog for dates and times. A 90-minute parent component will be scheduled for this class in compliance with Minnesota law. If the parent class is taken then the practice driving hours are reduced from 50 hours to 40. The other businesses in town that offer classroom instruction are listed in the yellow pages under Driving Instruction. 2. Register for behind-the-wheel training. Register with a private vendor and receive the blue card. The blue card is issued by the vendor providing the behind-the-wheel instruction and is required to take the state permit test. 3. Take and pass the state permit test. Students registering for the permit test must provide: one primary ID, one secondary ID and the blue card. Primary ID options: state issued ID, current passport or state certified birth certificate. Secondary ID options: Social Security card, student ID with picture and ID number, or certified school transcript. Upon passing permit test, paying $15.50 and parent/guardian signature, students receive their permit. 4. Complete behind-the-wheel training. Students must have a permit before they can start behind-the-wheel instruction. 5. Complete the six-month practice period. Minnesota law now requires drivers to have a permit for six months before taking the road test. Every driver under the age of 18 who completes behind-the-wheel instruction and is testing for a provisional driver’s license must submit a driving log. 6. Pass road test. To take road test, students must be 16 years old and have had their permit for six months. Drive on provisional license until qualifications for full license are met. Classroom Driver Education information is available in the Community Education catalog, at the Community Education office, online at or from the Moorhead High School activities office. You must complete all 30 hours of scheduled class to be able to get your permit. If the 30 hours are not completed you will have to register and pay full price for the class again. No absences or tardies allowed. This course is offered live, in person, at either Moorhead High School or Moorhead Career Academy. Please note location at registration. Students must attend all 30 hours in person.