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  • *NEW Continuing the Knitting Journey

    In this class we will tackle techniques and skills that are helpful on your knitting journey. We will cover learning to "read" your knitting, picking up dropped stitches, tinking, frogging, gauge, gauge swatch, cable cast on, e-wrap cast on, and different ways to close up the top of a hat, which includes using double pointed needles and magic loop. We also will touch on making cables, seaming and blocking. Supplies needed for this class are two size 8 circular needles: one 24" and one 32" (either fixed or tips and cords to make the lengths). Dreamz brand needles are recommended due to their flexible cords. Also needed is a set of size 8 wooden double pointed needles, a cable needle, darning needle, scissors, and a skein of lighter colored worsted weight yarn. If you have any questions about the supplies the instructor will arrive 15 minutes before the first class starts. You may purchase any supplies you need that night. Fee does not include the cost of supplies. 
  • Amigurumi Crochet (Ages 12 and up)

    Amigurumi means "little crocheted friend" in Japanese. Learn how to make your own little crochet friends in Amigurumi 101. We will learn basic crochet stitches and amigurumi construction techniques. This is a beginner friendly class open to adults and teens. Amigurumi elephant and teddy bear patterns will be provided, as will toy stuffing and black yarn for details. Please bring a crochet hook (size G-6/4.0mm), small scissors, a yarn needle, safety pins, and one skein (3.5 oz./200/yds.) of medium/worsted (4) weight yarn.
  • Sewn Book Binding

    In this class, expand on the fundamentals of making books using a variety of materials and techniques. The anatomy of a book is fascinating. The cover, spine, folios, signatures, and more are all waiting for your heart and hands. Folding, gluing and stitching goes a long way. You will learn about book architecture, bookbinding tools, and terminology. We will make a variety of simple folds and stitches that will help you to make wonderful gifts, sketchbooks, journals, photo albums, and more. The only skills required are a love of paper, attention to detail, patience, and a need to share the fun. This workshop is designed for students with little to some bookbinding experience. A basic supply kit is included for this class. Extra decorative paper will be available to purchase if needed.
  • The Jail House Rock Hat

    Prerequisite: Basic knitting skillsThis is a great next step after learning to knit and purl. In this class you will choose one of three styles of hats to knit: the roll brim, the traditional, and the slouchy. We will be knitting this hat in the round, and as we finish the hat you will learn to knit with two circular needles or the magic loop method. Please bring 110 yards of bulky/chunky yarn, size 10.5 16" circular needle, stitch marker, darning needle, and tape measure. Additional supplies we will discuss the first night of class are a size 10.5 16" circular needle or 10.5 40" circular needle. Any supplies you don’t have may be purchased at the first class. Fee includes patterns for three hats.