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  • *NEW Freezer Meals

    Come prepared to cook a variety of meals, ready for your home freezer. We will prepare and package four main dishes, including round steak, chicken, ground beef and pork for a a family of four. Freezer meals are great for avoiding fast foods or sharing with new parents, the elderly and sick friends. Fee includes food. Please bring take-home containers. 
  • Holiday Cookie Bake and Take

    Enjoy the evening preparing a variety of holiday recipes during class. Then exchange cookies at the end of the evening. Each student will have an assortment of goodies to take home. Prepare treats for the holidays in one evening. Please bring take-home containers.
  • Kombucha

    Kombucha is an increasingly popular drink, packed with flavor and health benefits. A single bottle will cost $3-5 in health food stores. Learn how to make your own kombucha for just $1-2 per gallon. Students will learn kombucha making from A-Z. We will taste several varieties of kombucha to see what you like best. Students will start their first batch in class to take home. This class will cover what makes kombucha good for you, how to choose the perfect tea or tea blend, how to make your first batch, and how to do a second ferment and flavor it. You will learn how to maintain a healthy SCOBY. Fee includes all supplies for making kombucha and a booklet with complete instructions and recipes.