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  • Living well MELT Method Series

    Become your own Hands-Off Bodyworker with the MELT METHOD, a revolutionary self treatment technique that can help you feel better in your body and mind. Using a MELT soft body roller and small MELT hand and foot treatment balls, discover how to rehydrate connective tissue and allow the body to release long held tension. Through practice you will learn how to identify stuck stress in your body, effortlessly find greater balance, experience more mobility and ease of motion, relieve chronic pain, reduce inflammation, improve alignment, support immune function, sleep better, reduce stress and anxiety, enhance daily living performance and keep your whole body feeling great. This class offers something for you in the six pillars of health; Sleep, Hydration, Meditation, Movement, Healthy Emotions, and Nourishment.
  • Red Willow Medicine

    Gain knowledge of Indigenous medicines, starting from raw form to holistic use. You will learn how to harvest miskwanagekozi (Red willow in Ojibwe). This branch is used to make Indigenous medicines such as tea used to treat respiratory infections and influenza, and traditional pipe filler of the plains tribes which is used for prayer and not for smoking.