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  • *NEW Abdominal Strengtheners that won't make you get on the Floor

    Abdominal muscles weaken and lose shape due to past pregnancies, surgeries, sitting at a desk all day, being sedentary and poor posture. Learn a series of extremely effective exercises to quickly strengthen all four layers of abdominal, WITHOUT stressing back or neck joints and WITHOUT getting on the floor. Common abdominal exercises like crunches can place too much stress on back and neck joints. Learn a series of extremely effective exercises to quickly strengthen all four layers of abdominal, WITHOUT stressing back or neck joints and WITHOUT getting on the floor.
  • *NEW Avoid the Pitfalls (and Weight Gain) of Perimenopause/Menopause

    Perimenopause starts around the age of 35 for most women and can last 10-15 years. Common symptoms include fatigue, migraines, weight gain, water retention, depression, sleep disturbances, joint aches, hot flashes, anger flashes, migraines, fibroids, exaggerated PMS and more. Once you understand exactly what is causing all the troublesome symptoms, they are much easier to correct. We'll discuss how to get hormone levels measured - blood test vs. saliva test and what to do with the results; traditional HRT vs. bio-identical; acupressure points to assist in symptom relief and nutritional musts. You'll leave with multiple tools and techniques for restoring health and well-being.
  • *NEW Just Breathe! Techniques to Calm, Center & Balance

    Breathing in specific ways can have amazing and powerful healing benefits on mind and body. Breath work is the single most powerful thing you can practice for improving energy levels, health and well-being. In this workshop, you will learn ancient breathing exercises that will: neutralize stress by reprogramming your nervous system; increase energy and vitality; increase brain function; improve immune response; decrease depression and anxiety; and help strengthen your back and abs from the inside out. The simplest and most powerful technique for optimum health of mind and body is absolutely free and literally right under your nose.
  • *NEW Metabolism Boosters and Busters

    In the past you probably could drop weight by cutting back on calories or exercising a bit more. But then suddenly the scale stops moving and you just can’t seem to lose weight. THE GOOD NEWS - You could lose up to 20 pounds in a year – without eating less. Just by revving up your metabolism, you can burn more calories every day, lose fat, boost energy, feel stronger and more fit. In this class, you will learn 20 SIMPLE things you can do every day to boost your metabolism and burn as much as 30% more calories every day.
  • *NEW Overcome Your Carbohydrate Cravings

    Ever had a day where you can’t stop eating? Do you crave starches, snack foods, and sweets and find the more you eat, the more you want to eat? Is your snacking out of control? In this workshop, we will discuss a two week plan that will STOP your cravings (no kidding!), help you lose weight and help keep your insulin levels balanced. Overcoming carb cravings is not a matter of willpower but a matter of biology. Learn how you can stop the vicious cycle of food craving and weight gain. No hype – just the facts.
  • *NEW Thyroid Things You Need to Know

    If you currently take thyroid medication but are still gaining weight and still have a variety of symptoms, there's more you need to know. Fatigue, weight gain, depression, anxiety, rising cholesterol levels, inability to focus, thinning hair, digestive problems, abnormal blood pressure, reduced sex drive, and heart palpitations are only some of the symptoms. In this workshop, we’ll discuss: how thyroid function can make any illness worse; the 5 things that need to be measured, but usually aren’t; why the #1 thyroid replacement may not be helping you; connection between thyroid, fibromyalgia and arthritis; foods that help or hinder; commonly misunderstood rules of how and when to take thyroid meds; environmental triggers and info you need to discuss with your doctor. This workshop is a source of information only and should by no means be considered a substitute for the advice of a qualified medical professional.
  • *NEW Women, Weight, & Hormones

    Are you finding that fat is collecting around your mid-section and no matter how well you watch what you eat or how much you exercise that weight is not budging? If this is your story, your inability to lose weight probably has more to do with your hormone levels than anything else. Until you discover and correct any imbalances, trying to lose weight will be like shoveling sand against the tide. In this workshop you will learn 7 key strategies for fighting fat and losing weight, including: concrete solutions (not tricks, not using your will power) for controlling appetite and cravings; ten simple things you can do every day to keep your metabolism burning brightly; how to tell if your thyroid is creating weight problems for you and what to do about it; major sources of hormone mimicking chemicals and how to get rid of them; what HRT or birth control pills have to do with weight gain; how to have your hormone levels checked reliably; what steps need to be taken to safely break the vicious cycle of hormone related weight gain; and how to help your body begin to lose weight again.
  • Chair Yoga

    Chair Yoga utilizes yoga poses to enhance flexibility, balance and strength with the aid of a chair; breathing exercises to remove tension and improve concentration; and meditation to achieve inner peace. The chair is used as a prop to assist the participant with joint discomfort, limited mobility, instability, chronic pain, or anyone not comfortable getting down on the floor.
  • Hypnosis to Control Weight

    How will you look and feel if you don’t stop your obsession with food today? Hypnosis can help you control your eating habits. Learn to desire the right foods, push your plate away when full, and motivate yourself to exercise.
  • Hypnosis to Stop Smoking, Vaping or Chewing Tobacco

    What will your future be like if you do not stop smoking, vaping or chewing tobacco today? Don’t let tobacco control your life. If you’re ready to quit smoking or chewing, hypnosis can help you stop immediately, without withdrawal, cravings or gaining weight.
  • Hypnosis to Stop Smoking, Vaping or Chewing Tobacco and to Control Weight

    All long-lasting behavior changes occur at an unconscious level. With hypnosis, you can make that change. The experience also is relaxing and allows you to be in control at all times. The fee includes a CD and lifetime membership card for free reinforcement. For more information go to Dr. Mary Fischer is a certified clinical hypnotherapist. 5:45-6 p.m. Check-in (first 15 minutes) 6-7 p.m. Introduction (Required for both weight loss and stop smoking/vaping/chewing tobacco clients.) 7-8 p.m. Weight loss hypnosis (Smokers will take a break, off school grounds, to have a last cigarette.) 8-9 p.m. Stop smoking, vaping and chewing tobacco hypnosis Hypnosis is relaxing, and you will be fully aware and conscious at all times. Bring a pillow, blanket or beanbag chair for added comfort.
  • Yoga Fundamentals Workshop for Beginners

    You’ve heard so much about yoga; you know it’s supposed to be great for you by making you fit, flexible, focused and stress free. You want to go, but don’t know where to begin, if you’re doing it right, or even know what yoga is. We recommend going to an Intro to Yoga workshop to help ensure your journey starts from the most enjoyable and empowered place possible. Intro to Yoga workshops are a great way to focus on your poses, ask questions, develop your practice and make new friends. Teachers will help guide you, step-by-step, demonstrate poses, and make alignment adjustments, focusing on your practice for your body. These intimate group experiences offer a safe, nurturing and inspiring setting to begin your yoga journey or refresh your skills if you are already practicing. You will leave the workshop understanding basic yoga techniques and foundation poses to help you feel confident in a scheduled group class. We repeat things a lot so you are sure to learn! We will guide you through the following: • brief background on what yoga is, and our style • common and simple breathing exercises • foundation postures and how to adapt them to your needs • how linked postures work together in our juicy flows • how to modify postures uniquely to your body • sun salutations A & B, standing poses, & hip openers • and will conclude with a deep relaxation. What you’ll need: Yoga Mat (extra mats available at workshop) Towel Water Bottle