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  • *NEW Partner Yoga Experience

    Grab your partner or a friend to connect and have fun by trying yoga forms together. No experience – or physical flexibility – is needed to take part. You'll leave feeling stretched and relaxed and with a deeper connection to your partner. Fee is per couple.
  • *NEW Trauma-Sensitive Yoga for All Abilities

    Based on extensive research at the Trauma Center at JRI, this unique, adaptive form of yoga works on lessening symptoms caused from trauma, whether assault, abuse, war or other causes. A combat veteran trained by the research team from the Trauma Center will lead participants through a series of gentle movements suitable for any body and ability. The series will focus on the six therapeutic goal of trauma-sensitive classes to help overcome the body’s response to trauma. While traditional treatments work with the memories of trauma, they don’t address the physical reactions of trauma the way this specialized yoga does. Physical bodies hold trauma: scents trigger reactions, for example, and noises cause a physical reaction first as the body startles before the mind processes. Trauma-Sensitive Yoga re-creates the bond and connection with one’s body. “Befriending one’s own bodily sensations through yoga will overcome the imprints of trauma,” writes one of the researchers.
  • Adaptive Yoga

    No matter your experience or ability, you can benefit from a yoga practice. Develop improved strength, flexibility and balance without ever getting down onto a yoga mat. This class series will take place seated on or standing with a chair. 
  • Arthritis Foundation Water Exercise

    Exercise without putting excess strain on your joints and muscles. The gentle activities in warm water, with guidance from a trained instructor, will help you gain strength and flexibility, while decreasing pain and stiffness. Anyone who has been diagnosed with arthritis or who routinely experiences joint pain, stiffness, and/or limited range of motion is invited to attend. The soothing warmth and buoyancy of warm water makes this program an ideal environment for relieving arthritis pain and stiffness and is beneficial for those with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and osteoporosis. The water provides gentle resistance to build muscle strength and supports joints to encourage free movement. This program is a fun and safe way to stay fit; the ability to swim is not required. Lockers are available in dressing rooms; participants are responsible for their own padlocks.
  • Gentle Somatic Yoga

    If you experience muscle pain, limited mobility, poor posture and uncoordinated movement, gentle somatic yoga can empower you to take control of your own healing process. This class is designed to increase your awareness of the way you move and identify habitual dysfunctional movement patterns. Experience a slow, progressive awakening of the muscles while focusing on releasing overworked, tight, contracted muscles. You will learn exercises to relieve tension in your neck and shoulders, lower back, hips and knees. Learn to re-pattern habitual movement patterns to increase energy and coordinate healthier movements to improve balance and coordination and experience pain relief. Experience a sense of calm and bliss through meditation to complete your practice. Give yourself the gift of awareness. Bring an exercise mat, towel and water bottle.